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5 Tips for Booking your wedding car.

 The engagement party is over, it's time to start thinking about and planning the big day. At first glance there seems to be hundreds of things to do and there are, one of these is the Wedding Car. Here at Best Wedding Car we would like to offer you a little help.

Tip 1. Choose the car together.

Talk to your fiancee. Find out how both of you see the day going and what sort of event you want. If you agree on a traditional wedding then a vintage Rolls could well be the way to go. If on the other hand you want a more modern feel to your day perhaps a Mercedes or a Jaguar would be a better choice. If you really want to be different then a VW Camper may be the way to go.

Tip 2. Check out the Wedding Car before you book it.

Any Wedding Car Hire company worth its name should have no problem bringing the car to you before your big day. Make sure you are going to be comfortable getting in and out especially if you are wearing a big dress. If you are getting married in the Summer does it have air-conditioning? Just as important if you are getting married in the Winter will the car cope with snow? Here at Best Wedding Car we are proud of the fact we have four wheel drive and snow chains, we will definitely get our bride to the church even in the worst weather (we may also have to go back for the groom).

Tip 3. Make sure its legal.

Cars that are used as wedding cars do not have to be licensed like a taxi does, but they do need insurance that covers weddings. Check before you book that this is in place. If your car company offers a free glass of champagne on the drive check they have a licence for that otherwise you run the risk of being pulled over on the way to the wedding (not a good start.) The easy way round this is for you to provide the bottle of Champagne to the driver before the big day.

Tip 4. Plan your route.

Being fashionably late for the big day is fine but you don't want to be stuck in roadworks, or in a traffic jam. With GPS these days its easier to get around trouble spots but if you are aware of any potential trouble areas let your driver know when you make your booking, here at The Best Wedding Car we would rather be half an hour early to pick you up than put you under extra pressure worrying about the time.

Tip 5. Plan your time with the car.

Getting you from home to the church and then to the reception is only part of the cars job. Think about the type of car you are booking and the type of photos you want with that car. Are you after the formal look with your and your new partner standing next to the car, or do you want something different. The flexibility we offer with the Best Wedding Car, is to have photos with the bride and groom sat on the pick up tailgate, or filling the pickup full of balloons and being photographed as they are release.

We hope this is helpful and we wish you all the best for your big day. If you would like any other help or advice please feel free to email us at, or visit